Reconstruction of the building of the hotel “Sport” on the street. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya (Krasnoarmeiskaya), 55, Pechersky district, Kiev.

This object is a part of the Park Inn by Radisson hotel chain. All hotels are located in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Now we thanks to the cooperation of Radisson and GC “Megaline” one hotel will open in Kiev. The total area of the hotel is 15 349.34 square meters. The complexity of this object is that it is a reconstruction of the building.

We should  note that this object will be ended and hand over for “turnkey”. Firstly, the project of the building was developed and modernized. Then, by the efforts of designers and architects, a completely new, modern design project was created in the colorful corporate style of the Park Inn hotel. In close cooperation with designers, experts of the tender department was selected the necessary furniture. It was important to maintain a balance of reasonable cost of equipment purchased and high quality of performance. Characterizing the number of rooms we can say that it is made in fresh colors, it is comfortable and stylish. A specially attention was paid to engineering systems and technologies – a restaurant, a bar and a lounge zone are located on the territory of the hotel. Also, taking into account the wishes of the Operator, the meeting rooms were designed and implemented. They are equipped with the  modern systems of conference communication, audio and video systems. The purchase of equipment from the manufacturer is also carried out by GC  “Megaline”.

Complementary complicates the process

Complementary complicates the process of the reconstruction  the location of the hotel. For guests, accommodation is certainly good – in close proximity to attractions. But at the same time, the central location complicates the delivery of materials, the movement of construction equipment. The hotel is located on the territory of 0.5 hectares, which forced to optimize the location of the construction site and make the most efficient use of the night time (after all, the Kiev roads are less loaded at night and allow delivery of materials and maintenance equipment).

And in conclusion we should note that in close cooperation with the Operator and partners of our organization, we plan to hand over the object on time and look forward to opening the hotel for Eurovision.