Ecological Construction. BREEAM STANDARDS

BREEAM STANDARD criteria for assessing and scores assigning:

  • management (management of construction processes, building management after commissioning, etc.) – maximum 10 points;
  • energy (emission reduction, renewable energy using, etc.) – 21 point;
  • water efficiency (reuse of “gray water” and stormwaters, water indicators etc.) – maximum 6 points;
  • efficient use of land and ecology (ecological value of the territory, usage of contaminated territories etc.) – maximum 10 points;
  • health and environmental well-being (nature ventilation, thermal regime etc. ) – maximum 14 points;
  • transport (proximity to social infrastructure, appropriate number of parking lots etc.) – maximum 10 points;
  • materials (certified materials sources, reuse etc.) – maximum 12 points;
  • recycling (recycling of waste, construction waste removal etc. ) – maximum 7 points;
  • environmental contamination (control of greenhouse gas emissions, refrigerants usage etc.) – maximum 12 points;
  • innovations – maximum 10 points.

BREEAM standard is the well known method of environmentally sustainable real estate expertise. Our departments are able to suggest the usage of energy saving technologies. We use a wide range of equipment, technologies, construction methods that make it possible to achieve a high results in energy saving, environmentally friendly construction and operation of buildings.

In addition, our company offers counseling services on facilities certification. For the BREEAM certification the MEGALINE company is collaborating with one of the biggest European company, that is authorized for certification.