Who are we?

MEGALIN-MERKAZ is a joint Israeli-Ukrainian company in the field of real estate investment.

The Israelian consulting company MERKAZ (  specializes in investments in profitable real estate. MEGALIN is an international construction concern, for 22 years of its existence has built more than 1 million square meters. MEGALINE offices are open in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Dubai. Creation of a joint company, both for the market of profitable real estate, and for the market of private investments.

What are we doing?

MEGALINE-MERKAZ realizes the construction and management of profitable real estate on the territory of Ukraine. How it works? We build smart real estate in the best places in Ukraine and manage it. The apartment is your property and brings in at 6% per annum, which is higher than any deposit banking programs. Ownership of real estate provides high liquidity to the invested funds.

Invest in smart real estate!

Smart apartments are apartments of a small area (about 30 square meters), which are in high demand on the market. Optimal choice for investment, as it has a low entry threshold, and the word “smart” implies high comfort for landlords. MEGALINE-MERKAZ tracks the latest trends in technology and development, so our apartments have significant marketing advantages for landlords. Our experience and personal development make living in a smart apartment as comfortable as possible, with an excellent price-quality ratio. For example, in the apartments that we design, huge balconies-terraces, where you can enjoy spending time with pleasure. Landlords receive not only an apartment, but also services to it: a basic hotel hotel service – concierge, room cleaning, room service, security and housing and communal services. Satisfying the needs of landlords is an important part of our marketing strategy.

Reliability and marketing

MEGALINE-MERKAZ guarantees depositors the declared percentage of investments. Our strategy is construction for consolidated Israel’s investors. To guarantee the declared percentage of income payments from property management, MEGALINE-MERKAZ conducts marketing and economic studies, independently searches for plots for development and develops an architectural project. Our development department chooses the best options available in the market offers. As a result, each of our projects is the result of a lot of work, with an average selection ratio of 1 to 30. The choice of a plot for building is always pass thorough analysis of the market. Nothing determines the long-term demand, like the successful location of real estate and competent architectural design with pricing policy.

At the heart of our reputation is the recommendation of our services from person to person. Therefore, cherishing the reputation, in the development of financial models, we use only a pessimistic scenario for estimating revenues. That’s the way, first checking the working capacity of the project in the worst-case scenario of the yield, we will present it publicly.


MEGALINE-MERKAZ manages the objects it has built. Depending on the contract options, our clients can sell the apartment (one-time profit 12-20%) or start its permanent or daily rent.

Our rental and management options:

Guarantee rental – a monthly payment to the client 6% per annum. We sign an agreement with the owner and determine the optimal lease regime, we carry out full management of the immovable asset: tenant search, repair and cleaning.

Daily rent – transparent work through the systems of booking. Includes: apartment advertising, guest accommodation and cleaning. The owner of the apartment can monitor and control the income. It is possible to settle in the apartment in person, canceling the lease. The management fee is 20%. Forecast of the owner’s income: 11-14% per annum. The main income brings a high season from the daily rent.

Long-term lease – a permanent, standard apartment rental. The rental income of this type brings about 9% per annum. The specificity of such a lease is the contract of the annual contract with the tenant, which assumes the obligation, responsibility and guarantee full-year payment anyway.


  • MEGALINE-MERKAZ is a smart and stable investment.
  • The minimum annual rate from 6% is higher than the banking rate.
  • High liquidity – up to 20% per annum in case of real estate sale.
  • Up to 14% per annum for renting
  • Full or partial management of real estate
  • Housing and communal services + security
  • Own apartment in Ukraine, with the possibility of living and resting in it (suspension of the daily rent)!

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