GREEN QUARTER, Astana – 200 964.44 m2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site: 20.5 Ha
Number of buildings: 13
Residential real estate (number) 10
Commercial real estate (number) 3
Total area of premises 200 964,44 m2

There was the land plot with 20.5ha, allocated for building the project. There will be apartment buildings, constructions, parks and ponds, shopping centers and cultural facilities.  The “Green Quarter” was initiated by President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. and approved by the Government.Today “Green Quarter” is the most ambitious project on the CIS territory. The Green Quarter consists of the 13 buildings (only 3 of them are for commercial areas). All buildings will be certified according to international standards. Each building will have the eco-passport. Today the Green Quarter is the unique project on theterritoryofCIS. And it will be certified by LEED standard. One of Green Quarter buildings will be certified to obtain the highest Platinum status and 2 buildings – Gold status, other buildings – LEED Certified. LEED system controls the execution of effective energy and water usage, emission reduction, provision of the most appropriate climate inside the building, resources management and tracking the influence of human activity.