AVANGARD – 2 050m2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site 1,2 ha
GBA 2043,9 m2
Capacity 12 000 tons
General planner MEGALINE
General constructor MEGALINE

About the project

Refrigeration complex in Avangard village is the most modern plant in the Odessa region for the perishable goods in gaseous environment storage. Quality storage of food products is provided with powerful refrigeration systems

Architectural and construction solutions

The site’s relief has difference from 55.60 to 55.50. The total bias of area – to the south. The land area is 0.25ha. The building faces the main facade to the main entry to the territory. The building of the refrigerator: one-storey, with the dimensions of the axes 52.0m x 25.95m, height from 6.60m in the bottom to 8.09m to the end of the roof. Refrigerator: 8 refrigerating chambers, each square 130.26m2, transport corridor height 3.5m and a technical floor (mezzanine) at point 3.80m (above the transport corridor).


The transport corridor has 2 gates. The technical floor has 2 doors and 2 ladders. The metal ladders have an angle of inclination of 45 degrees. The refrigerator capacity is 12 000 tons (for simultaneous fruit storage).

The carcass is made of I-beams #33 (last column) and #24 (middle column).
Girth rail is also made of I-beam #33.

Wall “sandwich” panels are made with polyurethane heat insulation. The thickness of the panels for the exterior walls is 180mm. There are monolithic reinforced, strip foundations under the carcass form the concrete B12.5 class; there are monolithic, strip under the wall panels from the concrete B12.5 class; there are monolithic, rubble concrete ramps from the concrete B7.5 class.

Floors: mosaic made of concrete B20 class, 30mm thickness; reinforced concrete part is 120mm thickness. Foundations for equipment are made form monolithic concrete B15 class.