ESKARO – 5 430m2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site 3,2 ha
GBA 5 430 m2
General planner MEGALINE
Number of storeys 1-2

About the project

Industrial-warehouse complex of water-dispersible paints and varnishes ESKARO is located on the lands of Usatovo village council, Belyaevski district,Odessaregion.

The industrial-warehouse complex is located in the central part of the site with a shift to the northern boundary of the site from its west-east axis. There is organized the circular passage (width 3.5-6.0m) for the passage of fire engines around the building.

Entry and exit of trucks for loading and unloading on the territory of the warehouse complex is carried out from the highway with a slowdown and speed-up lanes.

There are a production and warehouse complex, a platform for the perspective construction of an administrative and household complex, a platform for perspective construction of a warehouse, check-point with security room, fire underground tanks for internal and external fire extinguishing with pump, installation of biological sewage treatment  BIOTAL, guest parking for 12 cars, external parking for 30 cars, a platform for garbage boxes placement , transformer substation, underground capacity for storm drains, capacity for collecting of cleared household drains, a platform for rest and an artesian well located.

Parking for the 12 lots is located close to the right side of the enter-exit zone of the site. Parking for 30 lots is located close to the right side of the enter-exit zone, in front of the checkpoint.

It is planned to cover other parts of the site with asphalt concrete platforms, as well as landscaping, lighting and landscaping adjacent territory.