KRONAS – 8 400m2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site 1,013 ha
GBA 8377,00 m2
General planner MEGALINE
Number of storeys 1-2

About the project

There are isolated, one-story buildings, that locate on the territory of industrial enterprise “massacre”. Existing buildings and structures are in unsatisfactory condition. In combination with violation of sanitary and fire regulations, poor engineering infrastructure, they requires a complex of measures for the reconstruction of the company into the object, which meets modern requirements. This object should stimulate activity and development of the territory and the region. The site is located in the Kotovka village, Augustowskiy village council, Belaievskiy district of Odessa region.

Land site – 1.013ha.

The site has an irregular rectangle shape and is limited:

  • from the north-east and south-west – points of car service;
  • from the south-east – balk’s board;
  • from the north-west – shops (along the Baltskaya road).