SOCAR -36 gas stations

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site 1 ha
GBA 300 m2
Constructor MEGALINE
Number of finished objects 23
Landscaping area 2500-3000 m2
Development area 6500 m2

The result of joint cooperation between SOCAR Oil Company and MEGALINE Company is the construction of ultramodern gas stations (23 items). Gas stations are located in places with maximum traffic. The capacity of the gas stations reaches the highest possible level. This is achieved thanks to modern accounting systems and speed of service processes.

The principle, which SOCAR seeks to comply is to be closer to the customer and takes care of their needs. That is why each gas station complies with European and requirements, and also has a number of additional advantages at disposal. These advantages are the integral part of any gas station.

Only SOCAR gas stations are equipped with:

  • Market
  • Mother and child room
  • Pharmacy
  • Free internet access

And much more.

MEGALINE Company has developed a detailed construction project of the gas stations. Thanks to close cooperation with the customer, managed to comply project with the maximum balance between design ideas, engineering capabilities, the current reality and practicality. As a result, it managed to reach the optimum quality of the project, using the latest technology and advanced materials.