MARSHAL Shopping Mall – 37 760м2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site 3,3ha
GBA 37 760,00m2
Number of floors: 3-4
Parking lots 590

About the project

Land site is situated in Kievskiy district of Odessa.
The site includes: the site of the existing shopping center – 1.8241ha and the site of new construction area – 1.4970ha. As a result, the total development area is 3.3211ha.


The plot is complicated shaped, stretched alongAcademician Glushko avenue, so there is the opportunity to deploy the shopping center with facade to the main street. It provides excellent visibility of the shopping center from the street and from the addicted territories and crossroads.


The site is limited:
from the west – Marshal Zhukov avenue and LUKOIL gas station.
from the south – building with production facilities.

from the north – Academician Glushko avenue.
from the east – office buildings, industrial buildings and garages.

from the south and from the east – asphalt driveways (width 6m).


Shopping mall consists of two volumes: 2-storeys main volume of the existing building and 3-storeys volume of the additional building. According to the project there are 3 levels with total area 37 757.80m2.

All floors will have the connection (escape routes and loading ways) with the ground level at different points, according to the requirements of building codes and regulations of Ukraine. Galleries of the first, second and third floors will be connected to each other with escalators and panoramic lifts.
The longitudinal sides of the building are parallel to the western and northern boundaries of the site. The configuration and the length of the building provide the most rational and efficient allocation of the greatest number of shops. The shopping center has three main entrances: from the Academician Glushko avenue, Marshal Zhukov avenue and from the crossroads of these avenues.

The 1st floor: hypermarket with warehouse, store and technical premises. The 2nd floor: different shops. The 3rd floor: entertainment center, café, restaurants, cinema area (4 cinema screens), children’s play center. 4th floor: projecting room, technical and technological premises.

Double-height spaces of the shopping center are illuminated by zenith lamps. They create a feeling of common space and attract buyers to climb to the upper floors.