RIVIERA Shopping Mall – 85 000m2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Site area 21 ha
GBA 85 000 sq.m.
GLA 65 000 sq.m.
General Designer MEGALINE
General Contractor MEGALINE
Floors 1-2 эт.
Parking 1800 places

About the project

Riviera Shopping Mall is located near thevillageofLeski, Kominternovsky district of Odessa region. The total area of the project is 21ha. From the one side, the site is adjacent to theSouth Road. Transport interchange provides convenience porches for guest traffic and freight transport.


The total building area is about 80 000m2. The complex consists of two adjacent buildings.


Riviera Shopping Mall was designed on the basic idea of integrated approaching to the trade industry, known as “shopping mall”. There are grocery and building materials hypermarket, sport goods shop and more than 20 000m2 for the other shops. Riviera entertaining zone gives to the client an opportunity to visit the 9-screen cinema (one of which has 480 seats) that equipped for 3D movies, bowling, children’s rides and public catering (occupy more than 1 500m2).

The total building area is 80 000m2. It includes the hypermarket, electronics stores, playground rides and boutique gallery. All interiors are made of expensive finishing materials, which will allow customers to plunge into the luxury boutiques of world-famous brands. The shopping mall offers an open parking for 2 400 lots.

 Decoration materials

The building is divided into sections with different number of storeys – 1 and 2 floors.

There are metal cconstructions of building with the required degree of fire resistance.
External wall fence – sandwich panels.

The enclosure with glasshouse is made of facade glazing. The floor in the shopping rooms and warehouses is made of concrete with surface hardening. Roll roofing is used with mineral wool insulation «Rockwool» and PVC membrane «Sikaplan». Structurally, the building is designed in the form of mixed technologies: frame technology with monolithic reinforced concrete columns and metal structures overlap. In the hypermarket strengthened ceramic tile is laid. It takes the load from the stored goods and heavy trucks. In warehouses and unloading zones there are concrete floors with surface hardening. Wall fence is made of the sandwich panel IPN «Kingspan». The entry group and atrium’s dome are glazed with triplex and hardened glass. The architectural forms of the facade are made of advanced composite materials. The complex is equipped with three escalators «KONE», panoramic elevator and cargo elevators with lifting capacity up to  2 000kg.

Engineering Communication

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning are made through the rooftops «Trane» and «York» with water heaters, in other rooms – through the supply unit «Wolf». Lighting is made using «Philips». All engineering systems are equipped with dispatch system that allows controlling all the parameters of efficiency and functioning of the equipment. For uninterrupted power supply is provided connection to the diesel power plant «Volvo» 630kW. The backcourt is provided for the passage of trucks. All asphalt and concrete pavements are designed for long life usage under the influence of heavy trucks weighing up to 40 tons and trucks weighing up to 9 tons.
Designing of the complex provides some activities to protect the environment.