VVS-LTD — 1 080m2

The main space-planning parameters of the project:

Land site 0,15 ha
GBA 1080 m2
General planner MEGALINE
General constructor MEGALINE

About the project

Warehouse complex of pharmaceutical company «VVS-LTD» is a modern developed business structure. It is provided with the necessary facilities for the transportation, storage and sale of pharmaceutical products. The high turnover makes the warehouse complex «VVS-LTD» an important link between producer and consumer of medicinal preparations in the south ofUkraine. The modern refrigeration and measuring equipment, automation systems and uninterruptible power supply and voltage control provide safe storage of medicines and related products. Realization of high-quality products at wholesale prices, high qualified managers-pharmacists make warehouse «VVS-LTD» indispensable in the region’s health care system.

Architectural and construction solutions

The size of administrative and domestic premises is in axes of 48m x 22.5m; height to the bottom of truss construction is 4m. The site is fenced. It consists of modular reinforced concrete elements (height – 2.2m). There are 2 entries provided on the site and equipped with sliding gate (height – 3.0m). The total bias of area – to the south. The site’s relief has difference from 59.35m to 59.64m.


There are 8 premises in building for 20-30 people (engineers and technicians). In the offices with an area of 34m2 – up to 4 people, in the offices with an area of 46m2 – up to 6 people. The meeting room with an area of 319m2 provides 30 seats. There is a vestibule with a guard post. The corridors are provided with 2.0m width. The building has 2 inputs-outputs, one of it – directly to the street.


The building has a framework structure, consisting of metal columns and steel trusses with connections and girders. The foundations under columns are made of monolithic reinforced concrete B22.5. The socle of the wall fencing made from blocks with 300mm width (according to GOST 13579-78).

Wall fence is made of sandwich panels with 100mm thick and consists of corrugated board and the thermal insulation on the basalt fiber. The roof is made of two sloping surfaces from sandwich panels with mineral wool insulation. The building is built using modern technologies and a full range of specialized works has been carried out.