Project Management

Imagine the situation when you have a desire to erect a building but have no time or experience for managing this process. Or when there is a need to build several objects or a complex and simultaneously obtain all the permits, to say nothing of finding honest contractors. And at the same time to choose proper construction materials, study their characteristics and select the color out of the whole variety present at the market.

Naturally, there is a correct perception that the contracted team shall have a rest at your account while the construction materials are being delivered to the construction site and the deadline is rapidly moving away for an indefinite time. The most tragic moment occurs when you understand that the budget of construction has redoubled.

To make the planned construction realistic and meeting the deadline you must pay special attention to choosing the company for managing your project. Choose the one that can guarantee meeting the deadline, the quality and the budget of the construction.

Stages of Project Management

1. Preparation for Construction

Specialists of the MEGALINE corporate group shall initially study and evaluate the level of complexity and the scale of the project. Then they shall consult the customer on the peculiarities and conditions of the co-operation and the realization thereof. Subject to mutual consent, the agreement shall be signed and technical specifications agreed at the next stage.

The agreement of technical specifications means, in the first place, clarifying the opinion of the customer as to carrying out special works including the arrangement of sewerage, electric power supply heating systems, special equipment and installation of required facilities.

Having clarified the client’s wishes, specialists shall select variants of construction materials and equipment and agree them with the customer.

With the purpose of saving money the supply department shall organize tenders to determine optimal prices for construction materials, equipment and contractual works. As a rule, at least eight companies participate in tenders for materials supplies.

After all prices are determined we execute a budget and conclude agreements with contractual organizations, as well as schedule the works to be performed.

The process of agreement with the customer is present at all stages of construction. Project Management Department shall control the whole process of the object construction and shall be responsible for the final result.

2. Construction

The process of construction shall be divided into stages, reports of the works performed to be signed after completing each stage, thus confirming the correctness and timeliness of performing thereof.

In the course of construction specialists shall monitor the compliance of expenses to the approved estimates and settle accounts with all suppliers and contractual organizations.

3. Commissioning of the Object

Project Department and Project Management Department shall realize the works with current documents, design documents and executive documents. The MEGALINE corporate group shall participate in the work of the State commission for commissioning of the object and shall form the set of the documents required.

Within the frames of the co-operation with customers in project management the MEGALINE corporate group shall provide:

– professional elaboration of target specification;

– optimal construction budget;

– construction period decrease ;

– quality control provisions for all works;

– protection of investor’s interests before contractual organizations;

– carrying out all contractual works with the contractor

– field supervision of the works.