Steel structures manufacturing

Plant producing steel structures

It is known that one`s own resource base accelerates the process of construction and minimizes the costs of the customer. The production potential of the construction corporate group MEGALINE includes own factory producing steel structures, steel processing workshop, woodworking shop, workshop for the production of metal-plastic windows. The high quality and reliability of products is provided with modern equipment and technology.


Workshop for the production of steel structures

The manufacturing process includes: measurements, design estimate works, selection of metal, process of the production and assembly of the product directly on the site. During the manufacture process both imported and the best high quality materials of domestic companies. The characteristics of steel structures: high quality of assembling and coverage, great product geometry, control and quality. Mechanical and heat treatment of the steel is carried out in different ways: turning, milling, including cutting and bending, plasma cutting, oxidation and hardening.


Workshop for the production of steel structures


The plant produces specialized steel structures:

• Steel structures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings: bearing beams and columns, stair and balcony railings. Stairs: spiral stair, semi spiral stair with winder steps. As well as doors, hatches, grilles and fences.

• Forged and welded products: grids, winter gardens, canopies, awnings, interior.

• Stainless steel structures: elevator portals, vessels, stair railings.

• Automatic gates and barriers, columns, beams, hangars, prefabricated buildings.

Production capacities of our construction company provides objects with full demand for steel structures that allows MEGALINE experts to control the quality of the erected objects in full. 

Advertising pillar. Height 25 m

Truss and triangulated bracings, beams, columns

Truss and triangulated bracings, beams, columns

Column and pillar section