Specialized Works

Proper functioning of each object directly depends on the equipment installed and correctly laid line networks. You could have been a witness to failure of expensive equipment, the latest achievements on the market, due to the lack of capacity of old-fashioned line networks. As an elementary example, a socket in a wrong place can lead to the impression that “the whole space is wound with wires of extensions” to say nothing of the situation with toilets in public places.

Let us agree that it is better to install new equipment, to use the most advanced technologies and thereby to increase the service life of the object without repair and additional investments! At the stage of choosing specialists for installing the equipment and line networks you should pay attention to their experience, professional qualities and to make acquaintance with similar works at other objects.

Directions of Works Performed by the Specialized Works Department of the MEGALINE corporate group:

– consulting in the specifics of the materials and equipment used, technological qualities of the installation, testing the equipment before commissioning;

– design and installation of water supply and sewerage systems;

– installation of electric power supply, gas supply, heating and drainage systems;

– installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems;

– installation of fire protecting systems (smoke removal, fire extinguishing, alarm and signalization);

– installation of safety systems at the objects and protection systems of various levels at the object.

At What Stage Specialized Works Should Be Carried Out

Specialized works begin at the objects after agreeing draft proposals on line networks with the customer and further laying all external line networks. Internal specialized works begin at the stage of 70% readiness of the object.

Practical Experience of the Specialized Works Department in Large Scale Projects.

In the construction of the OBI hypermarket (16 000 sq. m.) and the Riviera Shopping City (80 000 sq. m.) a full complex of specialized works was performed with the elaboration of new solutions and the installation of sophisticated systems.

Thus, the Concern specialists have realized the first co-generative installation in the post-Soviet space – individual electric power station for the OBI hypermarket which converts natural gas into electricity and heat with the coefficient of efficiency equal to 92%. The station can be used as a reserve electric power source. The addition of the heat produced by the co-generative installation to the heat produced by the boiler room is the elaboration of the MEGALINE specialists allowing significant savings on heat supply when heating the complex.

Сo-generative installation


The works have been performed for installing the ROOFTOP climate system, which allows heating and cooling premises, as well as supporting the required humidity in the premises. Monitoring system allows controlling and establishing the required temperature and humidity in various zones. It is particularly convenient for large buildings simultaneously holding visitors, personnel and goods.

One can be also informed of the implementation of the specialized works on other objects in the MEGALINE Portfolio

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